Since CrazyLister has it's own lister, changes you do from eBay on the description, title and images will not be pulled through into CrazyLister.

However, you can now edit all of your listings through CrazyLister without the need to sync and re-apply the template, making it much more intuitive.

In order for the changes to reflect on your template, please upload the images through CrazyLister (under the Item description photos section), click here to learn how!

In case you have updated your images from eBay and want to quickly refresh them on your listing, here's how you can do this -

  1. Go to your Listings page within CrazyLister.

  2. Search the listing you would like to update with the images.

  3. Hover over the listing and click on "Edit".

  4. Go to your "Photos" section and select "Item description photos".

  5. Click on "Show None" and remove all of the images (these will be the images that you have removed from eBay).

  6. Click on "Show All" (this will add all of the new images you have added from eBay). 

  7. Click on "Save & Revise".

    The whole process should look like this -

Example is a variation listing, however it works the same on a normal listing. 

: For Variation listings -- Item Description Photos should be populated in the following order: Item Description-specific photos, then eBay Gallery, then one photo from each variation. The total number of photos may exceed 24 but only the first 24 will be uploaded to eBay.

If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool in the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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