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How to Manage Photos on Variation Listings
How to Manage Photos on Variation Listings

Learn how to add, remove and re-arrange the images on listings with variations.

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Today we will learn how to manage your photos for Variation listings within CrazyLister! Let's begin.


Managing photos on variation listings:

1. Go to your LISTINGS page 

2. Search for the wanted listing, hover over it and click on "Edit" -

3. Go to the "Photos" section.

4. Here you will see three different sections of photos that you can manage: your main eBay Gallery Photos, your Variation Photos and finally, your Item Description Photos (the photos that will be shown on your template's image gallery) -

Let's see how we can edit each field:

  • eBay Gallery Photos -

These will be the images that are true to the product, meaning the images that will be relevant to the item and all its Variations together. For Variation listings having Variation photos is optional and you can pretty much add only images to your eBay Gallery and it should be good to go!

Click on the eBay Gallery Photos tab and then on "Upload eBay Gallery Photos" to add an image, or you can click on the trash icon to remove a specific image -

  • Variation Photos -

    These will be the images that are unique to the variations and attributes of your product. For example one of the variations you have for your Shoe listing would be "Color" or "Size". So the photos for the Variations would be the relevant images that are associated with the color. Like a Blue colored shoe.

    Click on the Variations Photos tab and then pick the correct variation, a list of attributes will pop up that you can upload images to -

Note: You can also disable the Variation photos by clicking on "Use default photos".

  • Item Description Photos -

    These will be the images that appear within the image gallery of your template.

    Click on the Item Description Photos tab and you will see all of the images that are associated with the listing (eBay Gallery + Variation). You may also upload unique images that you would like to showcase on the gallery by clicking on "Upload Item Description Photos".

    Make sure that it is set to "SHOW ALL"  for it to display the images previously uploaded -

Note: Item Description Photos should be populated in the following order: Item Description-specific photos, then eBay Gallery, then one photo from each variation. The total number of photos may exceed 24 but only the first 24 will be uploaded to eBay.

6. Make sure to click on "Save & Revise" at the bottom right to save the changes!

In case you have changed your images through eBay, nothing to worry about! There is a quick trick you can do to update them, click here.

And voila! This is how you manage your Variation listing's photos!

If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool in the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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