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How to add or remove Amazon accounts
How to add or remove Amazon accounts
Learn how to connect or disconnect Amazon accounts from CrazyLister
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Getting started

First, you will have to find your way to the "Amazon Accounts" page in CrazyLister:

  1. In the left-side menu bar, click on the Amazon symbol

  2. Next, click on "+ Add account" in the expanded menu.


Adding Amazon accounts

In order to connect new accounts to CrazyLister, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the green "ADD AMAZON ACCOUNT" button

  2. In the popup window that appears, enter an account name to identify the new account, and select the relevant country site

  3. Click "CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNT" at the bottom right corner of the popup

  4. A new browser window will then open up where you can sign in to Amazon, and once signed in, you will be redirected back to CrazyLister


Removing Amazon accounts

In order to disconnect accounts from CrazyLister, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the eBay account that you wish to disconnect

  2. Click on the red "DISCONNECT ACCOUNT" button

  3. In the pop-up warning message, confirm the action by once again clickng on  "DISCONNECT ACCOUNT"


Some questions you might have

Q: Do I have to connect my Amazon account?
A: Yes, connecting your Amazon account allow the connection so that you can view, manage and publish Amazon listings via CrazyLister.

Q: Can I disconnect my Amazon account at anytime?
A: Yes, you can remove an account at any given time by following the steps mentioned in this article.


If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool in the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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