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Why is Cross Sell Gallery displaying blank?
Why is Cross Sell Gallery displaying blank?

Learn how to update the cross selling gallery to show new listings

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Why did this happen?

If the cross sell gallery had not been updated in a long time, the cross sell gallery runs out of listings to display. This is because of a technical limitation from eBay's side, due to their Links Policy. This means that the cross sell gallery cannot automatically update itself.

What needs to be done?

To update the cross sell gallery, simply reapply the template to your listings. Once you reapply the template, then the cross sell gallery will re-sync and load new listings to display.

To easily reapply a template, simply go to your saved template and click the arrow next to the "Save" button to select "Save & Apply All" - this will reapply the template to all listings already using that specific template.

You can see the exact steps in this article:


If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool in the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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