Adding a link to your template design can help you direct customers to your store or a specific store category, or help them find the contact page if they have any questions.

Keep reading below to learn how to create, design and link your own button in six easy-to-follow steps, with visuals!

Note: In order to comply with eBay policies and requirements, please
make sure that any url link that you include in the template begins
with "https://" and NOT "http://".

Let's create a button!

1) In the left-side menu panel, click on TEXT and then select "Headline"
2) Click and hold
the headline element to move it to the desired location:

3) Double click the headline element, select all and change the text:

4) Use the style & formatting options at the top of the page to design the headline field, creating the look of the button:

5) Finalize the look by resizing the headline element to fit around the text:

To get the same look as above, use the following formatting options:

  • BACKGROUND Color: Set the background color

  • BORDER Padding: Add padding around the text (about 5-10px)

  • TEXT Color: Change the font color to create contrast with the background

  • BORDER Corners: Round the corners

6) Lastly, add the url of the page you wish to link to by clicking the "Link to" option in the top menu:

Congratulations 🎉
You've created a button!



What's next?


If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool in the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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