Getting started

First, you will have to find your way to the "eBay Accounts" page in CrazyLister:

  1. At the bottom of the left-side menu bar, click on the Settings gear icon
  2. Next, click on "eBay accounts" at the top of the expanded menu.


Adding eBay accounts

To add an eBay account to CrazyLister, click on the green "ADD EBAY ACCOUNT" button, then in the eBay dialogue that appears, sign in to eBay and click "Agree":

Removing eBay accounts

To remove an eBay account from CrazyLister, simply click on "DISCONNECT" beside the name of the account that you wish to remove:

  1. Click on Disconnect beside the account that you wish to remove

Some questions you might have

Q: Why can't I disconnect my eBay account?
A: During the trial period there's no option to disconnect it on your own, you can always contact us and we'll help!

Q: Do I have to connect my eBay account?
A: Yes, connecting your eBay account allows you to manage and publish listings and templates via CrazyLister.

If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool in the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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