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How to Make Your Listings Mobile Friendly
How to Make Your Listings Mobile Friendly
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With majority of eBay transactions being touched by mobile, making your eBay listings optimized for a smooth mobile experience is an effective strategy to win sales.
Be sure to switch the 'mobile friendly' toggle on before you apply the template:

When you decide to add your own elements to the template, be sure to check the mobile view to make sure everything looks perfect!

NOTE: The great thing about the mobile view is that it will not affect the Desktop view! So feel free to go wild. :)

  1. Switch to the mobile view to see how things look

     2. If you find something off, use the mobile editor to make the appropriate changes. You can click and drag any element you want! 

You can also remove an element from the mobile view and it will go to the "HIDDEN ELEMENTS" section to the left, from there you can restore it anytime by simply clicking on an element.

     3. When your mobile view is just the way you want it, make sure to save!

      4. Once you are happy with your desktop and mobile view, you can confidently apply your template to your listing knowing it'll look great on any screen! 

Click here to learn how to apply your template to your listing. 

To see the mobile version of your templates on a mobile device, you will need to go on the listing and then click on "Item Description" to access the template as this is the way that eBay has it set up on the mobile website and eBay app.

If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool in the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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