ProfitScraper is: A software that allows you to easily find and clone thousands of profitable items on eBay that you source from Amazon using eBay/Amazon arbitrage.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use CrazyLister templates with ProfitScraper.

Go to your CrazyLister dashboard - 

1. Click on the Gear wheel at the top right of your CrazyLister account

2. Click on Integrations

3. Enable ProfitScraper from the list of integrations

- Your CrazyLister account is now customized to publish a template 100% compliant with ProfitScraper.

4. Click on MY TEMPLATES at the top left

5. Click on Create new template and choose a template

6. From within the editor, click on TEXT from the left menu

7. Click on Product Title and Product Description to add them to your template.
These are place holders that will be automatically populated with your products data once launched from ProfitScraper.
Same goes for the Image gallery that will be automatically populated with your products images.

8. Once ready click Publish and Copy HTML (New CrazyLister users will be asked to connect an eBay account)

Go to your ProfitScraper dashboard - 

1. Click on Tools > eBay > Listing Template
2. Click the Edit Template tab
3. Click on the code view icon on the top tool bar [ </> ]
4. Paste your CrazyLister code in the black box
5. Scroll down and click save at the bottom of the screen

That’s it! You can now launch listings from ProfitScraper with a CrazyLister template.

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