Live eBay listings with a CrazyLister Design means the amount of your eBay listings with a CrazyLister template design applied to it. 

You can create as many CrazyLister templates as you wish, but may only apply it to the amount of listings included in your subscription plan. 

For example: If you chose the plan which includes 10 live eBay listings, you are limited to apply a template design to 10 live eBay listings by:

  • applying a template in the Listings page within CrazyLister
  • copy+pasting the HTML code from CrazyLister to the eBay listing 
  • creating a new listing with a template.
  • "sell-similar" on eBay
  • copy+pasting the HTML code to a 3rd party integration

Q: Does my listing amount re-new per month?  
A: The subscription plans do not re-new the amount of listings each month. If you chose a plan with 10 listings, you have 10 listings to manage in total, not per-month. If you are looking to manage more listings, I suggest you take a look at the other subscription plans to see if another plan fits your needs. 

If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool in the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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