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How to publish products with variations from your Products Catalog to eBay
How to publish products with variations from your Products Catalog to eBay
Learn how to manage products with variations in the Publish Setup page
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So you have all of your products with variations set up in the catalog and you are ready to publish those products to eBay. Fantastic!

Here is the step-by-step guide to completing the publish process:

  1. In the "Products Catalog" page, select the products that you wish to list and then click "PUBLISH TO CHANNEL" > "eBay".

Note: Please select products from the same eBay category. If you have
products in more than one category, you will have to do this step again
later for the next category.

2) In the dialogue that appears, select the eBay account, eBay site and the eBay category, and then click "CONTINUE".

Note: You must select a category number, so make sure that you only
selected products within the same eBay category. The category cannot
be changed on the next page.

3) You will now arrive at the "Publish setup" page where you will see the products that you had selected in the previous page. Here, for each product, you will fill-out/update the required information in order to prepare them as listings.

When a product has variations, you will see the base product with each variation listed directly below it.

Certain information needs to be entered in the base product (eg. Listing Title and Description), while other information is entered per variation (eg. Price and Quantity).

There are various ways to manage the information in the fields as you prepare your products for publishing. Check out this article to learn more:


Tip: To scroll horizontally using the mouse or touch-pad, hold SHIFT and scroll.


Note the "Status" column on the left side -

a) If all of required information has been entered, the status would show a check mark ("✔"):

b) If the product is incomplete (eg. a required field is empty or invalid), the status would show a red circle with a warning symbol:

Tip: You can hover on the warning symbol to get a clarification of the issue.

4) Once all of the required fields had been filled out, you can then click on "CONTINUE" at the bottom right corner of the page to publish the products to eBay.

5) A pop-up will appear and let you know how many products are ready to publish, and how many products are incomplete (if there are any).

If all products are ready to publish, you will see the following dialogue and can click "PUBLISH PRODUCTS":

If any listings are not complete, you will be presented with two options:

  1. Create draft listings from products not ready to be published - This will save as a draft any products that are incomplete, so that you can go into them manually afterwards to revise and publish.

  2. Don't create draft listings from products not ready to be published - This will discard any products with incomplete information.

Select the option you wish to go ahead with, and then click "PUBLISH PRODUCTS".

6) You will be taken to the "LISTINGS" page to see your live listings, and if all listings published successfully, a notification will also appear at the top right corner to let you know. 

If any listings failed to publish, there will be a notification as well. Click here to learn how to review the failed listings and fix them in bulk:



If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool in the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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