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OSOME: Smart E-commerce Accounting & Bookkeeping
OSOME: Smart E-commerce Accounting & Bookkeeping

Break free from the paperwork with a specialized accounting bookkeeping service at reduced rates

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Accounting for your e-Commerce Business

OSOME is a specialized e-commerce bookkeeping and accounting service that dramatically reduces time merchants spend on bookkeeping and accounting tasks, serving sellers across Amazon, Ebay, Shopify marketplaces and more!

Osome covers all things Brexit and Ecommerce

VAT changes, customs handling - staying compliant, Osome has all things Brexit covered for ecommerce businesses in the UK and EU.

Whether you require just E-commerce bookkeeping or added accounting, Osome has you covered.

Did we mention the reduced rates?

£100 off Osome services + free consultation to assist you with staying compliant, managing your bookkeeping and all things Brexit for ecommerce, they have you covered!

What the services look like:

  • Digital First, On-the-go Accounting: Osome has both a web platform and mobile app, so that you can quickly scan or snap a photo and upload it from anywhere and at any time.

  • Hassle-free automated Bookkeeping: Osome will set up an automatic collection of sales and inventory data from major e-commerce platforms. You can send your supplier receipts via email in any format, just take a photo with the mobile app.

  • Personal Accountant if required: A dedicated Osome accountant will do all the bookkeeping, track filing deadlines, prepare management reports and tax returns and will be available in the in-app chat for consultation.

  • Daily reconciliation: Transactions are reconciled in 24h, so you can always see how your business is doing each day.

  • Add-on e-commerce services for those who need more: Get profitability reports per SKU / market, EU VAT, and more.

  • Accessible bookkeeping: Osome will digitize and store them in the secure file storage for 6 years as per HMRC requirements. Those will be accessible at any time.

Take advantage of the special offer!

If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool in the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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