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How to apply a template to an eBay listing
How to apply a template to an eBay listing

Let's learn how to easily apply your new template design to eBay

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You've set up your template and it's ready to go.
Let's learn how to apply the template to your eBay listings:

1) Go to your eBay account's listings page by clicking on the eBay auction icon on the left-side menu panel:

2) Now, select one or more listings by clicking on the little empty checkbox to the left when hovering over a listing:

Pro Tip:
You can select All of your listings by ticking the checkbox square at the top of the list:

"Sync from eBay"


If your listing is live on eBay but is not showing up within CrazyLister,
please click on the "SYNC FROM EBAY" button at the top right corner - this
will import all of the current active, scheduled and recently ended listings
from eBay to CrazyLister.

3) Once you have selected the listing(s), click on the green "PICK A TEMPLATE" button at the top of the page to choose the template from a drop down menu and click "APPLY TEMPLATE":

The Autosave Template

The "Autosave" template cannot be applied to listings - it is used as a
backup template for the changes you make!

And voila! You have now applied the template on your listings :)

Some questions you may have


How do I edit the listing's description that is picked up by the template?

CrazyLister will automatically import texts from your existing eBay description. You can click here to learn how you can manually edit the information per listing.

My descriptions are showing extra text that shouldn't be there, how can I remove that text in bulk from all of my listings?

There are two tools to help you clean up your descriptions, you can click here to check out more information about the Description Cleaner and Find & Replace tools.

If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool at the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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