Inventory sync helps you save time controlling the stock levels of your products across multiple channels, all in one place!

  • Full control - select the specific channels & products that you wish to synchronize

  • Bulk updates - update inventory levels in bulk (eg. via csv file)

  • Automated process - inventory sync runs 24/7 regularly updating live listings

  • Regular updates - sync are initiated every 1-10 minutes to ensure rapid and continuous coverage and control of your stock levels

  • No more overselling - when an item sells, the quantity for all associated listings across all channels and sites gets updated to prevent selling more than you carry


Product SKUs
In order to enable Inventory Sync, every listing must be set up with a unique SKU code. SKUs (stock keeping units) are used internally, allowing you to identify, track and control your inventory.

A SKU can be made up of any combination of letters and numbers.
For example, many sellers create SKUs systematically to identify the item
location in the warehouse, or to organize items by product group or purpose.

If you sell a certain item on multiple channels or sites, setting the same SKU to all relevant listings for the item will allow you to control the stock level in bulk.

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Handling Time (Amazon)
If you plan to enable inventory sync for your Amazon account, you should make sure to review the "Handling Time" information of your CrazyLister products.

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FBA Products (Amazon)
At this time, quantities for FBA listings (Fulfilled by Amazon) will not be synced as part of the Inventory Sync process.

If this is a feature that you are interested in, we'd be happy to tag and notify you once available farther down the line. Simply reach out by clicking the orange chat button at the bottom right corner of the screen -


Yes. You can select the specific channels and products that will be managed with the inventory sync.

For example: If you sell on 2 eBay accounts and 1 Amazon account, yet only wish to sync 1 eBay account with Amazon, then you can enable just one and leave the other eBay account disabled.

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What's next?


If you have any more questions, you can search our Help Center or, click on the chat tool in the bottom right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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